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Let Us Deal With Your Lender

We take the guess work out of what questions to ask, and how to negotiate terms on your behalf with your lender. 

Once we come to a fair agreement to purchase your home, and STOP the foreclosure process, we will have you and any other person listed on the deed fill out a Third Party Authorization form.


One of our specialists will then begin the negotiation proceedings on your behalf. We know what questions to ask, and ultimately we want this transaction to swing in your favor. Your credit and welfare is our #1 priority. 

Sometimes a loan modification is required in order for us to begin taking over payments. If time is of the essence. then a loan mod may be out of the question. We understand how to navigate these tough conversations with lenders to be able to set you free in a new direction. 

Contact us today to get started with a simple 3 minute phone consultation to see how we can help you.

'More than 6 in 10 homeowners delinquent in their mortgage payments are not aware of

services that mortgage lenders can offer to individuals having trouble with their mortgage'.

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