Investor Programs

First Choice REI is a real estate investment solutions company that provides our clients with an umbrella of real estate services, from sourcing the best off-market and discounted investment properties to general contracting services and investor programs. Below, are our exclusive consultant programs uniquely designed to fit each client's financial growth needs.

By Invitation Only


A. Buy/Fix-OR-Buy/Flip

C. 90-day Mortgage Overage

E. 30-day Pre-Tax sale fix & flips and/or auction overage property

G. 30-day Pre-foreclosure consulting

I. 30-day Investor lending or refinance investment property already owned

K. Debts, mortgages, liens & judgments

B. 90-day Tax Sale Overage

D. 90-day Hoa Overage

F. Consulting custom issue

H. 30-day Team realtor credit consulting sale

J. Custom design investor deal already owned managed 100%

L. Residential & commercial acquisitions