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How Much Should You Sell Your Home For?

Selling your home here in Arizona can be daunting. Prices fluctuate and neighborhoods vary drastically.. here at First Choice REI, we're here to help!

1. What Is The Value Of My Home?

Your property price is highly based on opinion. Buyers will pay what they THINK a property is worth, emotions usually influence their offer more so then an analysis of recent sales in your neighborhood.

2. Should I Get My Property Valued?

Getting your property valued may be the BEST money you can spend when going to selling your house, be sure to get it done by an accredited property valuer.

Realtors are known to inflate the price of their valuation, in hopes that you then list your home with that realtor.

If the realtor gives you a property valuation that's quite low, they'll most likely lose the "listing" and they know that!

How Can First Choice REI Help Me?

We pay CASH to people who are wishing to sell their property here in Arizona and offer FREE valuations on their homes ( We won't inflate our valuated or be influenced.. we'll give you the truth! ). If you're based in Phoenix, Tucson or Flagstaff or anywhere in between in Arizona - we'd love to hear from you! If you're looking at selling, want a FREE valuation and OFFER on your property within 24 hours use the link here - Or call us here - (623) 363-1440

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