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What Are The Top Problems You'll Face Selling Your Home?

If you're looking at selling your property here in Arizona, there's a few things you should know prior to selling your home! We get asked questions all the time "Sell my home", "How do I sell my home fast in Arizona?". "My property is in need of help, I wish to sell it".. Thankfully, we have the answers to those questions!

1. The Property Needs Repairs Or Renovating

If your property is outdated, it may need some tiny repairs or to be "freshened up". A lick of paint can do wonders for an ageing home! Don't be afraid of doing some landscaping too to really get the property to POP. Please note, not all renovations will improve the homes ability to sell. The best thing to do is look in the local area around your home of what's selling and what isn't. Mimic what is!

2. Property Located In A Bad Neighborhood

When you first moved into your property it could of been a lovely and nice neighborhood.. Sadly as time progresses it CAN potentially change the surroundings of your home. You can't control other people's properties nor tell them to fix them.. You can just do your very best to make sure your house stands out to any potential buyer!

3. You Can’t Wait Any Longer To Sell

The time it takes to sell a home here in Arizona is roughly 80 days. Allow 45 days to get an offer plus around 35 days for the closing period. Best month to sell your Arizona property is in September! If you need to sell faster.. then keep reading! Below we have the solution for you and your Arizona Property here at First Choice REI!

How Can First Choice REI Help Me?

We pay CASH to people who are wishing to sell their property here in Arizona and offer FREE valuations on their homes. If you're looking at selling, want a FREE valuation and OFFER on your property within 24 hours use the link here - Or call us here - (623) 363-1440

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